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33 Amazing Blogs on Simple Living That You'll Love

Get inspiration and resources to simplify your life

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I created this list because when I started researching simple living, I kept finding the same few sites on everyone's list. Those sites are great, but I knew there had to be other great ones too.

So, I began a deep dive search of Google to find overlooked or new blogs that hadn't made their way onto the current lists.

The result is this list of 33 simple living blogs.

Let's get started.

The List: 33 Amazing Blogs on Simple Living

Please note that these blogs are not in any order.

1. Vanilla Papers

Dee, a writer and lifestyle blogger based in Cairo, has a beautiful site with practical information on slow and simple living, travel, and slow fashion. I particularly enjoyed her posts on slow work and slow food.

2. I Think We Could Be Friends

Dawn, The Minimal Mom, is a blogger and podcaster. She writes about minimalism, decluttering, happy home life, and happy relationships. I encourage you to check out her silent to-do list post and Light Lemon Bundt Cake recipe.

3. Eric Layne - The Life On Purpose Movement

Erica is a certified life coach and bestselling author. Her work centers around living a balanced and focused life. I enjoyed reading her posts on the importance of managing your mind and overspending during the holidays.

4. Reading My Tea Leaves

Erin Boyle is a blogger, published author, and photographer whose posts focus on issues related to simple living, sustainability, and family life. One of the things that caught my interest was her "Series" posts on living in a tiny apartment and shifting habits.

5. Break the Twitch

Anthony Ongaro is a TEDx speaker, writer, and filmmaker. His interests include productivity, habits, mindfulness, and minimalism. I particularly enjoyed his posts on getting focused and building habits. Scroll down his About page to watch his TEDx talk on the Twitch.

6. Simply + Fiercely

Jennifer is a blogger and podcaster who writes about minimalism, intentional living, decluttering, and travel. Her minimalist lifestyle guide is a great learning tool. I also appreciate that she transcribes all of her podcast episodes.

7. Mostly Mindful

Angela and Sporty offer practical tips on living a simpler, more sustainable, and healthier life. Their blog is a fun place to visit and learn. While you're there, check out the article on having a no phone mindful morning routine and Angela's inspiring TEDxCapeTown talk, The Less You Own, the More You Have.

8. Raising Simple

Zoë Kim of Raising Simple is a minimalist, mom of four, and author. She writes about simplicity, minimalism, family life, and zero waste. I enjoyed her articles on creating a sustainable and ethical kids' wardrobe and creating white space in your day.

9. The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are two of the most well-known minimalists in the world. Their documentary, Minimalism, helped inspire me to downsize my life back in 2016. Their blog is full of practical strategies for living a minimalist lifestyle.

10. Nourishing Minimalism

Rachel Jones is a writer and mom of six. She blogs about cleaning, living intentionally, and minimalism. I loved her post titled I Don't Want to be Known as a Minimalist. She offers a fresh perspective on minimalism by framing it as a lifestyle tool, not a personal identifier.

11. Be More with Less

Courtney Carver is well-known in the minimalist and intentional living community. You'll find her minimalist fashion challenge, Project 333, inspiring. Her simplify life quiz is a valuable tool for starting your simplicity journey.

12. Minimalist Baker

Dana and John Schultz are food bloggers and the authors of a cookbook with simple, plant-based recipes. Their recipes take ten ingredients or less, can be prepared in one bowl, or take 30 minutes or less to prep. This sesame noodle salad looks delicious.

13. Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is the writer behind Zen Habits. The site has been named one of Time Magazine's Top 25 blogs - twice. Leo focuses on simplicity, minimalism, habit building, and mindset. In my opinion, everything on the site is worth reading. All of it.

14. Circle Square Oval

Lori is the writer behind this blog centered around organizing, decluttering, meditation, and happiness in simplicity. One of the ways her blog stands out is that she focuses on the interests of women over 50. Be sure to check out her free resources page.

15. Smallish Blog

Dana is a writer and mom of four with a passion for small-home living and minimalism. Her family of six lives in a 1,000-square-foot home. I particularly like the information on her page on minimalism, essentialism, and lagom.

16. Balance Through Simplicity

Antonia writes about simplifying your life, finding a flexible balance in life, and decluttering. She offers practical tips for creating a more meaningful life. Check out her post offering reminders about minimalism, which includes a couple that might surprise you.

17. Gina Stovall

Gina is a geologist, climate policy analyst, researcher, and entrepreneur. Her business, Two Days Off, sells ethically and sustainably made clothing. Gina also writes about mindfulness, simple living, slow fashion, plastic freedom, minimalism, and travel.

18. Becoming Minimalist

Joshua Becker is another well-known figure in the minimalist community. He writes about simplifying your life, including minimalism, owning fewer clothes, and becoming unbusy. You might enjoy reading his list of the ten most important things to simplify in your life.

19. The Simplicity Habit

Julianna Poplin is a mom, writer, wife, and professional declutterer. She writes about decluttering and simplicity, time management, living with intention, and organizing your life. I enjoyed reading (and can relate to) her post on decluttering advice she ignores.

20. The Plain Simple Life

Vourneen is a professional organizer and declutterer, minimalist, and coach. She blogs about cleaning, home maintenance, minimalism, simple living, decluttering, intentional living, and sustainable living. I particularly enjoyed her article on ways to build an intentional friendship.

21. Simple Home Simple Life

Kelly is a home and lifestyle design coach. She designs homes based on essentialism, the idea that we can cut out the non-essentials in life. I particularly enjoyed her article on displaying collections without clutter.

22. No Sidebar

No Sidebar publishes articles about simplifying your life. Topics focus on five areas of life: Digital, Home, Life, Mind, and Work. My two favorite things about this site are the variety of articles and the quality of the writing. The site houses my all-time favorite article on slow living and simplicity, What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life? You can learn more about the author of that article here.

23. Simple Lionheart Life

Melissa writes about living a simple and intentional life, minimalism, decluttering, and organizing. She shares photos of her minimalist home and offers helpful simple living tips along the way. I particularly enjoyed her post with ideas on how to make life easier.

24. Mia Danielle

Mia is a YouTuber, blogger, podcaster, and author. She writes about decluttering, minimalism, minimalist traveling, thrifting, and more. One post that caught my eye was about decluttering after a death. This is a difficult topic, but for many of us, a necessary one at some point.

25. Little House Living

Merissa blogs about frugal and simple living. Her posts include practical ideas for everything from storing onions to reusing everyday objects. She also posts "from scratch" recipes, including a recipe for Amish cinnamon rolls that I have to try.

26. Live Simply

Kristin's blog includes posts with real food recipes, natural cleaning tips, and natural body care. Her extensive list of recipes is easily searchable by ingredient, cooking method, season, convenience, meal, and meat. Check out her resources on What is Real Food.

27. everthrive

Ali Cornish writes about living simply, minimalism, wellness, slowing down, and motherhood. Her posts are short and thoughtful. I particularly enjoyed her post about how our lives reflect the total of our experiences.

28. Christina Tiplea

Christina at Embracing Simple Blog writes about simplifying your life, self-development, and streamlining your home. Topics on the blog include living intentionally, decluttering, and productivity. I enjoyed her tips on how to make mundane tasks enjoyable.

29. A to Zen Life

Marissa is a blogger and YouTuber whose site has ranked in the Top 20 blogs on minimalism. She blogs about minimalism, personal growth, decluttering, and organizing. Check out her article on article on things that waste your time.

30. Less Less More

Brittany's site documents her experiences with simplifying her life, slowing down, and living more frugally. I enjoyed reading about her simple living journey, and I appreciate the brevity of her writing. I also enjoyed reading about her notecard challenges. You'll find the first notecard here.

31. Think Big Live Simply

Bec writes about permaculture, living slow, and living simply. I particularly enjoyed reading the section, Live Life by Your Own Design on her About page. Also, check out her thoughtful take on living a simple life.

32. Practigal Blog

Teresa blogs about prioritizing, organizing, simplifying your life, minimalism, travel, and capsule wardrobes. I particularly enjoyed her post on meal planning and creating a plan covering at least a month.

33. Benita Larsson

Benita is a YouTuber and writer who creates content about minimalism, organizing, and the Scandinavian lifestyle. While she has a blog on her site, you can browse her videos more easily than the blog.

Criteria for Getting on the Simple Living Blog List

I set three criteria for getting on the blog list. Here they are:

  1. The site is easy to navigate and is regularly updated and maintained.

  2. The site includes posts that were made within the last year, preferably within the last nine months.

  3. The blog post topics are family-friendly and include a variety of topics related to living a simpler life -- not just decluttering and organizing.

What I Learned While Researching Blogs on Simple Living

I expected to put together a list of blogs rather quickly. It didn't turn out quite that way. I ended up spending hours Googling articles and blog hopping. What I learned during that process surprised me.

The good news:

The good news is that I found a lot of blogs beyond the same ten or so that seem to be on everyone's list. I also found many blogs with unique ideas on minimalism and how to live simply, intentionally, and sustainably.

Many of these blogs also covered topics related to slow fashion, work-life balance, finances, and mindfulness.

The bad news:

The bad news is that I read through many simple living blog lists that included blogs for sites that no longer exist or hadn't been updated in several years. I believe the loss of those writers' experiences and perspectives is a loss for all of us in the community.

Final Thoughts

I learned something or found something inspiring in each of these blogs on simple living. I hope you will too.

If you would like to suggest a blog for the list, please send me a message with the blog's name and any other helpful information.


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