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Try the 5-Day Micro Habits Challenge

Make change small to make it easy. Try our Micro Habits Challenge today.

The 5 Day Micro Habits Challenge


What is a micro habit?

What are some examples of micro habits?

Download the micro habits challenge tracker here.

Tips from others who have taken the challenge.


Are you ready to take a small step toward big change? If so, our 5-Day Micro Habit Challenge is the perfect way to start.

We've prepared a handy tracker you can use to get you started and help you monitor your progress along the way.

Learn more about the tracker below.

We've also put together tips and suggestions from three people who tested the tracker before we made it available on our site.

But before we go further, let's take a quick look at what a micro habit is and why it's a valuable tool for creating change in your life.

What is a micro habit?

A micro habit is a bite-sized action that moves you toward a goal. These tiny actions are flexible and effective ways to help you achieve goals that become habits.

Micro habits are different from other habits because they are small. Really small.

When choosing a tiny habit for your challenge, think about tasks you can complete in five minutes or less. The fact that your tasks are so limited in scope is at least part of what makes micro habits a great habit-building tool.

What are some examples of micro habits?

If you like the idea of micro habits but need help figuring out where to begin, we have an article to help you out. We created an article with 37 examples that will help you make every day a little better.

You can even download the list of examples as a pdf file.

Download the micro habits challenge tracker here.

The tracking file will guide you through defining the habit you want to build. Use the checklist to track your daily progress.

After you complete the last task on day 5, take a few minutes to answer the questions about what worked, what didn't, and what you would do differently next time. This will help you learn more about yourself and help strengthen your habit-building skills.

Please select the image below (or click here) to view and download our 5-Day Micro Habits Challenge file.

Tracking sheet with sections for describing and tracking a micro habit

Tips From Others Who Have Taken the Challenge

"Don't make the habit too big. If it has too many steps or takes you too long, you won't do it. I had to redo mine, then I was able to make it work." -Andrea C.

"Write notes down every day about how it went. If you try to go back at the end of the week, you forget what you were thinking each day." -Marie H.

"If it's a nighttime task, perform it earlier in the evening before you get too tired to complete it." -Shellene R.

"Five minutes can feel like a really long time - and I didn't think it would. I would suggest cutting the time down to 2 or 3 minutes - or even 1 minute - to make it easier. Maybe over time, work up to five minutes." -Kelly R.

"If you miss a day, it's ok. Just figure out what went wrong and try again the next day." Erin M.


Did you try the 5-day challenge? If so, send your best tip to and we may add it to the list!

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