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About Me


My name is Anita Chastain. About seven years ago, I became interested in simple living after quitting a stressful and emotionally draining job. I spent the next several years figuring out how to live a simpler, slower, and more intentional life. 


Three years ago, I began writing a blog called Simple Life 365. In that blog, I shared my passion for living a simple and authentic lifestyle.


As I continued that journey, I decided it was time to move beyond Simple Life 365. The result of that decision is Simply Mary Kate.


This site covers a broad range of topics related to simple living, including slow living, embracing simple living in all aspects of your life, and overcoming challenges to meet your lifestyle goals.

This site is inspired by and a tribute to my grandmother Mary Kate. If she were alive today, I think it would make her happy to know that other people share her passion for self-sufficiency and simple living.


I hope you find the information on this site helpful and inspiring. Please feel to reach out to me with questions, topic requests, or comments. 


The Story Behind Mary Kate


I created Simply Mary Kate to honor the memory of my grandmother Mary Kate. Although she passed away years ago, the lessons I learned from her have stayed with me for decades:


She taught me how to pick and shell a mess of peas, embroider flowers on a pillow case, and boil a pot of peanuts to salty perfection.


She also taught me how to use a long-handled hook to pull oranges off a tree and how to peel them without a knife.


She helped me understand why you should let azaleas grow wild, and she reminded me to spend more time gazing at the trees than the weeds.


She complimented my natural thriftiness and my unruly hair. She made me feel special and loved.  

She managed her limited financial resources with dignity and grace.


She was optimistic, self-reliant, and grateful for what she had.

She inspired me to help others learn how to live well by living a simple life. I hope this blog inspires you to live simply and live well.


Anita Chastain



Where to Start on the Site


Start with our latest posts, or head straight over to the At Home, Easy Recipes, or Simple Living Resources pages.  

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